Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Golf Course Tax Relief

    24 Mar, 2010

    Many states have tax relief programs that golf courses can usually qualify for that allows the land to be taxed based on value in use (as a golf course) versus the legal mandate of fair market value...

    Board of Equalization Rebuffs Wolfchase Mall's Request for $30M Appraisal Cut

    16 Mar, 2010

    In a desperate effort to de-value their own property and lower their taxes, representatives of Memphis, Tennessee’s biggest mall and major hospital picked apart their own facilities. According to The...

    Occupancy Hit Record Lows in 2009 at Nashville Hotels

    15 Mar, 2010

    The Nashville, Tennessee hospitality industry is reeling from one of its worst years ever as statistics show 2009 as a year for hoteliers to forget. The Nashville Business Journal in its March 15...

    Hospitality Industry - Hotel Case Study

    8 Mar, 2010

    Full service hotels, in general, have lost 50% of their value since the peak in 2006. Las Vegas has been one of the hardest hit areas. Paradigm Tax Group’s Hospitality Practice recently had the...

    Commercial Sales Jump

    3 Mar, 2010

    The number of commercial real-estate sales rose sharply in December, triggering fresh debate about whether the sector has reached bottom. Property sales rose 75% in December from the previous month...

    Commercial Mortgages Ailing in February

    3 Mar, 2010

    The performance of loans bundled in commercial mortgage-backed securities fell sharply in February, raising fears that the coming wave of distressed loans may be much higher than expected. 30-day...

    Local Assessor Relationships vs Industry Expertise

    1 Mar, 2010

    Which Is More Critical To Optimal Property Tax Representation For Hotel and Resort Owners?

    Historically, property taxes have been approached as a fixed expense that needs to be managed by an outside...