Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Best Buy Pares Space As Internet Rattles Big Box Stores

    30 Jun, 2011

    Best Buy is looking to reduce its 42 million square foot big box footprint by 10% over the next three to five years due to weak sales caused by stretched consumers and competition from discounters...

    Should Your St. Louis Co. Property Tax Values Really be Frozen in 2011?

    29 Jun, 2011

    For most properties, the recent valuation notice you received from St. Louis County will have "frozen" your 2011 property at its 2009 value. However, it is important to realize that this value takes...

    Banks at Risk of a Commercial Real Estate Double Dip

    28 Jun, 2011

    Although the commercial real estate apocalypse that analysts feared would hit banks has yet to happen, problems associated with the industry are still alive. According to, credit...

    San Francisco Building Sales on Track to Top $4 Billion

    27 Jun, 2011

    San Francisco, California is on track to see around $4 billion in downtown office building sales in 2011, a clip only surpassed during the bubble of 2007. According to the San Francisco Business...

    Manhattan Office Vacancy Below 10% for First Time Since March 2009

    24 Jun, 2011

    New office leases totaling 4.3 million square feet were signed in New York during the month of May, the highest monthly total on record. According to the National Real Estate Investor, the surge in...

    Maximize Your Tax Benefits with Transaction Price Segregation

    23 Jun, 2011

    For non-REIT hospitality investors, a Transaction Price Segregation (TPS) performed for the closing of your deal provides you with maximum tax benefits in the form of:

    Florida House Bill 281 Requires Property Tax Payment

    22 Jun, 2011

    Florida House Bill 281 requires a petitioner before the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) who challenges the assessed value of a property to pay at least 75% of the ad valorem taxes by April 1 of each tax...

    Tax Break Ordinances Have Yet to Spur Job Creation

    21 Jun, 2011

    New property tax exemptions that were passed by voters in an effort to spur job growth in several Florida counties last year have gotten off to a slow start. According to Tampa Bay Online, the...

    Appraisers Having Hard Time Figuring Commercial Property Values

    20 Jun, 2011

    With the rise of foreclosures and few comparable properties, the traditional factors of a commercial property's real worth have been decimated, causing increasing difficulty for appraisers to supply...

    Rising Cost of Construction Materials Puts Contractors in a Bind

    17 Jun, 2011

    Those construction workers that were able to survive the slowdown of commercial real estate development in recent years are now finding their profits squeezed by rapidly rising costs. According to...

    How Will Rising Oil Prices Impact the Recovery of the Lodging Industry?

    16 Jun, 2011

    According to analysis conducted by PKF Hospitality Research, if oil prices reach $150+ a barrel, the recovery the U.S. hotel market is currently enjoying could come to a severe halt. Research...

    Michigan's Old Tax Incentive May Have Mortgaged Future

    15 Jun, 2011

    Michigan economic leaders claim the state is on the books for $8 billion in tax incentives and grants that will put a drain on budget resources through 2032. According to, Michael Finney,...

    US Retailers Poised for Expansion

    14 Jun, 2011

    Retailers all over the nation are set to fill up empty retail spaces over the next 12 to 18 months as the economy continues to improve, jobs continue to be created and sales have risen for the...

    Property Values in Boston Drop for the Second Straight Year

    13 Jun, 2011

    Though the drop was less than 1%, the total worth of Boston, Massachusetts' taxable properties declined for the second straight year. According to the Boston Globe, the city's taxable property was...

    Paradigm Tax Group Joins California Association of Taxpayer Advocates

    10 Jun, 2011

    Paradigm Tax Group and its California based Consultants have recently joined the newly formed California Association of Taxpayer Advocates (CATA). CATA was created by property tax professionals in...

    REITs Ramp Up Acquisitions as Portfolio Fundamentals Improve

    9 Jun, 2011

    Publicly traded REITs continue to lead the recovery in the commercial real estate sector as their focus has switched to making opportunistic acquisitions, particularly through off-market transactions...

    $500K Tax Break Over for Oak Ridge Hotel

    8 Jun, 2011

    Oak Ridge, Tennessee hotel owner and developer Amir Patel has asked to terminate an agreement that could have saved his company $500,000 in property taxes on a proposed Holiday Inn Express. According...

    Institutional Investors Lead 2011 Retail, Office Buying Wave

    7 Jun, 2011

    So far in 2011, institutional investors have increased their desire for commercial real estate and have overtaken public REIT's as the leading purchasers of retail and office properties in the first...

    Tax Burden Shifts from Homes to Businesses

    6 Jun, 2011

    Between 2008 and 2010, property taxes on commercial and industrial property in Florida fell two-thirds of one percent, about a $17 million reduction in tax revenue statewide. On the other hand,...

    Uncollected D.C. Property Taxes Worry Commercial Real Estate Owners

    3 Jun, 2011

    Washington D.C.-area commercial real estate owners are growing in concern over the possibility that the District may have let them slide on millions of dollars in taxes due over the past decade,...

    Hotel Buyers Branching Out

    2 Jun, 2011

    The hotel investment market seems to be branching out from the prime coastal markets as a recent spike in offerings from Chicago, Miami and Orlando, as well as other tertiary markets throughout the...

    Regional Banks Poised to Ramp Up Loan Sales

    1 Jun, 2011

    Banks, in particular regional lenders, have a clear path to bring their problem loans to market and become more active in the distressed asset arena. Since larger banking institutions have enjoyed...