Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    New Jersey Real Estate Appeal Deadline is April 2nd

    29 Feb, 2012

    Paradigm Tax Group is pleased to remind you that the property tax appeal deadline for properties located in New Jersey is April 2nd.

    Arizona Real Property Tax Appeal Deadline Quickly Approaching

    28 Feb, 2012

    Some of Arizona's 2013 Real Estate Values have been mailed and Appeal Deadlines are quickly approaching. The new 2013 property values are out in some counties and will continue to be released...

    Washington D.C. Property Appeals Panel without Members

    27 Feb, 2012

    Washington D.C.'s Real Property Tax Appeals Commission, the eventual replacement to the Board of Real Property Assessments and Appeals (BRPAA), still stands with no members on the panel. According to...

    California Property Taxes Can Vary Wildly in Silicon Valley

    24 Feb, 2012

    Some of Silicon Valley's most valuable commercial real estate is being taxed at rates up to ten times larger than neighboring land that is being taxed at values all but unchanged from what they were...

    More Capital Expected to be raised for Commercial Real Estate

    23 Feb, 2012

    More capital is expected to come back into commercial real estate in greater volumes and across multiple lending sources throughout the remainder of 2012. According to the CoStar Group, a survey...

    Colorado Apartment Vacancies Drop, Rents Rise in Q4

    22 Feb, 2012

    The apartment vacancy rate in five of six major Colorado metro areas fell in the fourth quarter of 2011 to a combined rate of 5.6%. According to the Denver Business Journal, the 5.6% rate was down...

    US Hotel Debt Markets Positioned for 2012 Activity

    21 Feb, 2012

    The current state of the CMBS market could have a serious impact on the pace of US hotel investment in 2012, as it is predicted that $30 billion in CMBS hotel loans maturing this year may be...

    NYC Multi-Family Developers Go Back to Basics

    17 Feb, 2012

    Complicated deals with multiple moving parts may be a thing of the past as experts agreed that the simpler the transaction, the easier it is to get a loan for multi-family construction and...

    Acquisition Cost Does Not Include Intangible Costs in Tennessee

    16 Feb, 2012

    A recent tax case before the Tennessee State Board of Equalization had found that tangible personal property must be valued separately from intangible costs incurred to ship, configure or install the...

    Less Risk with Commercial Mortgage REITs

    15 Feb, 2012

    The most recent crop of commercial mortgage REITs are predicted to be less risky investments than those that operated during the pre-recession real estate boom. According to the National Real Estate...

    Survey Says Construction Pipeline is Up

    14 Feb, 2012

    The Construction Backlog Indicator, a forward-looking national economic indicator that reflects the amount of work that will be performed by commercial and industrial contractors in the coming...

    Can New Washington DC Apartment Sales be Sustained?

    13 Feb, 2012

    Overall apartment sales prices per unit in the Washington DC area had recovered to 2007 levels over the course of last year. According to The Washington Post, 81 apartment deals closed in the area in...

    Retail Property Sector Defies Expectations

    10 Feb, 2012

    Despite setbacks to the US economy late in 2011, the retail property sector has performed much better than what was forecasted and looks to have strong potential for significant upside. According to...

    Managing Below the Line – Hospitality Property Tax Consultants

    9 Feb, 2012

    No one decides that they want to be a property tax consultant when they grow up. Most property tax consultants started their careers somewhere else, ended up in property tax consulting, and could not...

    Washington DC Office Sales Volume Trails Only Manhattan

    8 Feb, 2012

    Trailing only Manhattan in total volume, the Washington DC area had a big increase in office sales over 2011. According to Cassidy Turley's 2012 State of the Capital Markets report, Washington DC had...

    Experts: No New Office Space Needed in the US

    7 Feb, 2012

    Experts convened by the Building Owners and Managers Association have agreed that the existing office supply in the United States is sufficient enough to harbor the nations white-collar workers....

    Commercial Real Estate Providing a Foundation in an Uncertain World

    6 Feb, 2012

    A new annual report, Expectations & Market Realities in Real Estate 2012, found that commercial real estate may provide a foundation for investors looking for balance in their portfolios during these...

    Commercial Property Tax Plans Stir Opposition in Iowa

    3 Feb, 2012

    Proposals to slash commercial property values by 40% in Iowa in order to lower property taxes are being met with great resistance from advocates of local governments. According to the...

    Former Redevelopment Properties Could Flood the Market

    2 Feb, 2012

    The recent elimination of California redevelopment agencies should cause a large amount of Bay Area properties to hit the market in the upcoming months. According to the San Francisco Business Times,...

    New York City Real Estate Appeal Deadline is March 1st

    1 Feb, 2012

    New York City Real Estate Assessment notices have now been published and delivered. This is a friendly reminder that the deadline to appeal your assessment is March 1, 2012.