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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Management Agreements – What do Owners Get?

    28 Sep, 2012

    Most assessors fall back on the easy way to do things, and in the case of trying to value the real estate of an operating hotel, the easiest thing to do is to subscribe to “the Rushmore approach.”...

    Commercial Property Sales and CMBS Outlook for the U.S. Cut

    27 Sep, 2012

    The forecast for U.S. commercial real estate sales has been cut by 12% to $748 billion through 2014 by the Urban Land Institute due to economic growth projections being down considerably. According...

    Arizona Ballot Measure Reduces Amount of Property Tax on Equipment

    26 Sep, 2012

    Proposition 116 on this year's Arizona Ballot will give voters the chance to lower property taxes for businesses. According to the Arizona Daily Star, the proposition would give a break to...

    Positive Hotel Operating Cycle Will Last Awhile

    25 Sep, 2012

    A panel of REIT CEO's believes that the positive hotel operating cycle will be around for some time. According to Hotel News Now, speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Global Real Estate...

    North Carolina Court of Appeals Orders Decision in Favor of the Taxpayer

    24 Sep, 2012

    Regarding an appeal for the IBM Credit Corporation involving large amounts of personal property, the North Carolina Court of Appeals has taken the Property Task Commission to task for failing to...

    REITs Remain on a Roll Despite Economy

    5 Sep, 2012

    Publicly traded REITs of the right sectors, markets and quality are currently outperforming the broader stock market. Over the past three years, REITs have seen nearly a 28% average annual return,...

    Commercial Mortgage Delinquency Rates Fall

    4 Sep, 2012

    In the Q2 2012 Bank CRE Default and Lending Report released by Chandan Economics, recent data is pointing to continued improvements in the commercial real estate market. According to the report, the...