Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    San Jose High-Rise Incentives Extended after Early Success

    28 Feb, 2013

    The deadline for San Jose, California high-rise developers to obtain a certificate of occupancy in order to qualify for an incentive program that will cut fees has been extended to August 31, 2016....

    Knoxville Businesses Face Personal Property Declaration this Friday

    27 Feb, 2013

    Knoxville, Tennessee area businesses who fail to fill out and return a detailed personal property form by March 1 will face a number of penalties. According to, personal property, which...

    Philadelphia Assessment Notices Mailed Out to Property Owners

    26 Feb, 2013

    Last week, the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania mailed out assessment values to all property owners within the city limits. The valuations are expected to be effective for the 2014 tax year. The...

    All Commercial Real Estate Sectors Now Slowly Recovering

    25 Feb, 2013

    Gradual economic improvement and job creation are allowing all sectors of commercial real estate to slowly recover after being hit hard by the recession. According to the National Association of...

    More Colorado Business Personal Property Tax Measures Die

    22 Feb, 2013

    Despite the unanimous backing of legislative attempts to relieve business personal property taxes for businesses who are threatening to leave Colorado, two more such measures have recently fell by...

    Transaction Volume Not Likely to be harmed by New Taxes

    21 Feb, 2013

    Several circumstances could cause real estate investors to face a higher tax burden in the coming years. However, the prospect of paying the additional taxes is not likely to impact the transaction...

    Transaction Price Segregations' Hone In On Accuracy

    20 Feb, 2013

    In the world of ad valorem taxes—a tax based on the assessed value of real estate or personal property—the crux of appeal issues is the determination of fair-market value. Everyone has an opinion,...

    Large Philadelphia Commercial Taxpayers Could Get Lower Bills Next Year

    19 Feb, 2013

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mayor Michael Nutter's proposed tax reform for next year could lead to the 10 biggest commercial taxpayers in the area paying about 45% less in property taxes. According to...

    Commercial Real Estate Pricing Recovery Spreads

    15 Feb, 2013

    Last year, U.S. commercial real estate experienced its highest sales total since 2004 with nearly $64 billion. According to the CoStar Group, the 2012 recovery in commercial real estate pricing...

    Upcoming Activity by Several Taxing Jurisdictions in the Southeast

    14 Feb, 2013

    A variety of taxing jurisdictions in Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina have recently announced upcoming activity relevant to values in their respective counties.

    Characteristics of the Nation's Top Multi-Family Markets

    13 Feb, 2013

    The traditional factors that may point out a good apartment investment can sometimes lead even the most diligent investors down the wrong path. Such fundamentals as single-digit vacancy rates and...

    New Arizona Legislation Makes 2013 Important Year to Appeal Values

    12 Feb, 2013

    Property Values for the 2014 tax year in the state of Arizona will continue to be released throughout the remainder of the month. Specifically, Pima County has already mailed out their values, and...

    Hotel Boom in New York City Adds Lower-Priced Options

    11 Feb, 2013

    New York City tourists will soon find more affordable hotel options in the nation's most expensive hotel city. According to USA Today, starting next month, brands like Best Western will be up and...

    St. Louis Commercial Real Estate Stable, but Values May Dip

    8 Feb, 2013

    Although commercial real estate in St. Louis, Missouri has remained stable, Assessors still expect to reduce values on most properties. According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a recent estimate of...

    Election of Florida Property Appraisers Bring Change

    7 Feb, 2013

    Following the recent elections for Property Appraiser in Florida, there have been a number of positive and negative changes for the business community. An apparently positive development would be the...

    Sales Soar for Single-Tenant Retail Buildings

    6 Feb, 2013

    As investors actively seek out real estate that is performing better than bonds, single-tenant retail sales have soared to a six year high. According to Bloomberg, acquisitions of companies that own...

    CA Bill Would Allow Charging Commercial Properties a Bigger Parcel Tax

    5 Feb, 2013

    A new proposed California bill would allow school districts to impose different tax rates on residential and commercial properties. According to EdSource, bill AB 59 would nullify a state Appeals...

    Best Business Environments from a Tax Perspective for 2013

    4 Feb, 2013

    The Tax Foundation, a non-profit research group that is dedicated to educate taxpayers about tax policy and burden, has complied a ranking of all 50 states regarding solely their respective tax...