Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Indiana Will Reduce Business Personal Property Tax

    31 Jan, 2014

    Despite a great deal of protest from local government officials from across the state, the Indiana House and Senate approved bills to reduce the business personal property tax. Representatives from...

    How to Finance Your Hotel’s Property Improvement Plan

    30 Jan, 2014

    By Sharif Mitchell, Senior Managing Consultant / Area Leader, New York City & Cameron Moore, Senior Managing Consultant / Area Leader, Atlanta

    Oklahoma Mandating Conformity to Assessment System

    29 Jan, 2014

    For the first time in nearly two decades, Oklahoma is trying to get all county assessment offices to figure property taxes the same way and follow the same method of assessment, with hopes to...

    Alabama House Passes Bills to Simplify Tax System

    28 Jan, 2014

    The Alabama House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved a slate of tax bills last week, and now the four bills are headed to the Senate, where another easy approval is expected. Representative...

    'Restore Oregon' Proposes State Rehabilitation Tax Credit

    27 Jan, 2014

    In an effort to save and revive at-risk historical buildings, effectively generate living-wage jobs and stimulate local economies, Restore Oregon has called for a historic preservation tax program....

    State Aid Cuts Will Skyrocket Property Taxes in Maine

    24 Jan, 2014

    Due to more reductions in state aid to Maine cities and towns, municipal officials warn that it will result in skyrocketing property taxes and cuts to essential services. According to Bloomberg...

    Silicon Valley CRE Market Expected to Surge Again

    23 Jan, 2014

    Forecasters are predicting another surge in Silicon Valley's commercial real estate market in 2014. As the technology industry soars, the commercial real estate market will continue to reap the...

    Arizona's Proposition 117 & the Valuation Appeal Process

    22 Jan, 2014

    By Jodi A. Bain, Senior Managing Consultant, Tucson

    Google's NYC Headquarters Saves $21M in Property Taxes

    21 Jan, 2014

    Over the past two years, the New York City Finance Department has overruled its own property assessments on Google's headquarters, which takes up an entire block in Chelsea’s prominent real estate...

    Tax Advantages for Florida Businesses:   Pollution Control Exemptions Ad Valorem Property Tax

    20 Jan, 2014

    By Manuel A. Ramos, Senior Managing Consultant / Principal, Fort Lauderdale

    Tucson's Government Property Lease Excise Tax

    17 Jan, 2014

    By Nick Ruiz, Managing Consultant, Tucson

    Oregon Lawmaker Hopes to End Property Tax Abatements

    16 Jan, 2014

    Representative Ben Unger, D-Hillsboro, proposed a bill to the Oregon House that would eliminate certain property tax abatements local governments grant to boost economic development. Unger's goal is...

    Arlington Considers Tax Incentives to Boost Office Market

    15 Jan, 2014

    Arlington County, Virginia's office market has been suffering since the Pentagon's 2005 Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) plan. While many counties in the D.C. area are reeling from loss from...

    The Riverside Company Remarks on Recent Acquisitions

    15 Jan, 2014

    In the fall of 2013, The Riverside Company, a global private equity firm, acquired Paradigm Tax Group. Accelerating organic growth opportunities and supporting Paradigm's acquisition strategy is one...

    Upcoming Deadline: South Carolina Point of Sale Exemption Application

    14 Jan, 2014

    Back in 2007, South Carolina's Act 338 became law, changing the method of taxation for all non-primary residential properties in the state. The law requires counties in South Carolina to reassess...

    Paradigm Tax Group Acquires Hart Property Consultants

    14 Jan, 2014

    Paradigm Tax Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hart Property Consultants, LLC. Based in St. Cloud, Minnesota, Hart Property Consultants has been working with commercial and industrial...

    Upcoming Deadline: Michigan Personal Property Affidavits

    13 Jan, 2014

    In December of 2012, Governor Snyder signed into law eleven bills affecting the taxation of personal property in the state of Michigan. While most of the Acts don't go into effect until next year,...

    Paradigm Tax Group Acquires AVS Tax, Inc.

    13 Jan, 2014

    Phoenix, AZ - The property tax practices of Paradigm Tax Group and AVS Tax, Inc., also known as AVS Valuation Services, have joined forces to expand Arizona’s leading property tax consulting...

    Denver's Industrial Market is Thriving

    10 Jan, 2014

    Denver, Colorado's industrial market is the healthiest it's been since before the recession. With more than 2.6 million square feet of industrial construction underway and a vacancy rate of 4.6...

    Utah's Commercial Real Estate Market Hits Record Highs

    9 Jan, 2014

    For the first time since the economic downturn, Utah's commercial real estate market is hitting new highs. Investments in Utah's commercial real estate markets exceeded $1.3 billion in 2013, but...

    New Office Towers to Change Urban Skylines in 2014

    3 Jan, 2014

    The U.S. Census Bureau released new data on construction starts and spending in 2013, which provided evidence of an urban office development recovery. According to CoStar, a leading commercial real...

    Phoenix's Commercial Real Estate Market is Heating Up

    2 Jan, 2014

    The commercial real estate market in Phoenix, Arizona is rebounding and sparking a great deal of interest with big investors once again. The industry's most influential survey , "Emerging Trends in...

    Hoteliers Left Money on Table in 2013

    1 Jan, 2014

    As hoteliers reflect on 2013, many are asking if they've left money on the table they'll never get back. According to Hotel News Now, the rapid and record rise of demand during the recent upturn has...