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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Red Bull's Stadium Denied Tax Exemption, Owe $3M

    30 May, 2014

    Dietrich Mateschitz, the owner of major league soccer team The New York Red Bulls (named after his energy drink), has stirred a lot of controversy for a small New Jersey town. The Red Bulls soccer...

    Dickinson County to Help Breitung Take 'Big Box' Property Tax Appeal to Michigan Supreme Court

    29 May, 2014

    Two Michigan townships, Breitung and Marquette, took cases to the Michigan Court of Appeals in April, where they battled to overturn the Michigan Tax Tribunal's ruling to slash the property...

    Does “Equal and Uniform” Appraisal of Commercial Properties Endanger Business Trade Secrets?

    28 May, 2014

    By Matthew Fossey, Texas Area Leader and Principal, Dallas & Rahul B. Patel, Managing Partner for Patel | Gaines Law Firm, San Antonio

    Key Approaches to Capture the Millennial Traveler

    27 May, 2014

    By Cameron Moore, Southeast Area Leader / Principal, Atlanta

    California BOE Increases Utility Property Values by $3.4B

    23 May, 2014

    The California State Board of Equalization (BOE) recently decided to increase property values for privately owned public utilities and railroads by $3.4 billion for Fiscal Year 2014-15. The utility...

    Elimination of MI Personal Property Tax on Aug. Ballot

    22 May, 2014

    Michigan voters will decide the fate of Proposal 1, which will officially eliminate the business personal property tax and guarantee a source of revenue to replace the tax for cities and towns, on...

    U.S. Hotel Industry Reported Positive Results in Three Key Performance Metrics

    21 May, 2014

    Smith Travel Research, Inc. (STR) released the U.S. hotel performance data for the month of April 2014, and the industry continues to post positive results in key performance metrics. Overall, the...

    NC Lawmakers Push to Limit Local Property Taxes

    20 May, 2014

    Just a year after Republican legislatures slashed taxes at the state level, they are pushing cities to do the same at the local level. In the midst of North Carolina's legislative session, two...

    Gyms Fill Key Role in Manhattan Commercial Real Estate

    19 May, 2014

    The number of leases for fitness facilities doubled last year, indicating that gyms and boutique fitness business may be the next big trend in Manhattan's commercial real estate market. According to...

    Landlords Feel Pressure of D.C.'s New Assessment Method

    16 May, 2014

    Commercial real estate owners in Washington, D.C. are experiencing an extreme case of "sticker shock" due to the city's new assessment method. In fact, they are now pressing the District to justify a...

    IRS Proposes New Real Property Regulations for REITs

    15 May, 2014

    The IRS recently proposed new regulations that would affect what is considered real property for REITs. For several months, the agency ceased issuing individual private-letter rulings to companies...

    Compromise Reached on Prop 13 "Loophole" Closure

    14 May, 2014

    California's Proposition 13, the iconic tax limit passed by voters in 1978, has been the focus of countless political battles for decades. However, an agreement may finally be reached on how to apply...

    Major Retail Chains Continue to Struggle: Office Depot to Close 400 Stores Nationwide

    13 May, 2014

    As sales continue to take a dive, Office Depot recently announced plans to close 400 U.S. stores by 2016. According to an article from the Wall Street Journal, Office Depot's first-quarter sales...

    Landlords Fear Backlash of NYC Budget Proposal

    12 May, 2014

    As New York City's large deficits continue to grow, Mayor Bill de Blasio's new $73.9 billion budget has the real estate community concerned that the weight of the budget will be on their backs. The...

    Colorado Legislature Passes 11 Business Tax-Credit Bills

    9 May, 2014

    The Colorado Legislature approved 11 bills in 2014 that would grant tax credits or incentives of various sorts to businesses, despite the Capitol avoiding any kind of "tax breaks" for many years. The...

    Harris County Property Values Increase Dramatically

    8 May, 2014

    By Brian Wolford, Managing Consultant, Houston

    Portland Industrial Market Shows 'Post-Recession Stress'

    7 May, 2014

    Industrial land in Portland is getting harder and harder to find. The city's overall vacancy rate of just 5.6 percent indicates the industrial market is showing classic signs of post-recession...

    California Bill Would Allow Split Roll Parcel Tax

    6 May, 2014

    Troubling news for California commercial property owners: The California Senate is poised to adopt a bill that would create a split-roll parcel tax system at the local level. Senate Bill 1021,...

    Downtown Chicago Property Owners Face Another Major Tax Increase

    5 May, 2014

    Despite Mayor Rahm Emanuel's proposed $750 million property tax hike to resolve about half of the city’s pension debt crisis, downtown Chicago property owners face an additional dramatic tax increase...

    Annual 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study Released

    2 May, 2014

    The annual 50-State Property Tax Comparison Study based on 2013 data, produced by The Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Minnesota Center for Fiscal Excellence, is now available. The study...

    Buffalo Budget Proposal Calls for Property Tax Cuts

    1 May, 2014

    Buffalo Mayor Bryon Brown released his $504.5 million budget proposal for the city's 2014-2015 fiscal year. With a mere 1.9 percent increase from the current financial package, the budget includes...