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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Tax Exempt Property Potentially Costs Allegheny County $619M

    19 Dec, 2014

    A study conducted by the Pennsylvania Auditor General found Allegheny County as the top county in terms of losing the most annual tax revenue from exempt real estate. According to the Pittsburgh...

    Calls for a 5-Year Property Tax Freeze in Atlantic City

    18 Dec, 2014

    New Jersey Assemblyman Chris Brown has called for a 5-year property tax freeze in Atlantic City along with an even further drop in casino tax assessments. According to NBC 40, Brown claims that...

    Massachusetts Solar Developers Could Have Reason to Challenge Property Taxes

    17 Dec, 2014

    Recent findings from the Massachusetts Appellate Tax Court could provide solar developers statewide the opportunity to challenge their property tax payments. According to the Boston Business Journal,...

    Arizona Hospitality Properties Face New Challenges for the 2015 Tax Year and Beyond

    16 Dec, 2014

    By Mark Whitney, Mountain States Area Leader, Phoenix

    Renewed Calls to Abolish Idaho's Business Equipment Tax

    15 Dec, 2014

    Idaho Governor, Butch Otter, along with other local business leaders, is once again calling for the state's personal property tax to be abolished. According to NPG of Idaho, the tax - often referred...

    Boston Real Estate Assessments Surpass $100B for First Time, Significantly Higher Property Tax Bills to Follow

    12 Dec, 2014

    Boston has officially become a billion dollar city for the first time, as the total estimated value of its residential and commercial property jumped to $110 billion, according to a new city...

    Nebraska Farm Bureau Seeking AG Property Tax Reform

    11 Dec, 2014

    Property tax relief is Nebraska Farm Bureau’s top priority for the 2015 session of the Nebraska Legislature, due to concerns that ag land owners pay more than their fair share of property taxes. This...

    Washington, DC Economic Partnership Releases 2014/2015 Development Report

    10 Dec, 2014

    The Washington D.C. Economic Partnership (WDCEP) released its 2014/2015 Development Report this week, an annual collection of data providing key insights and highlights of D.C.'s major projects and...

    Congress to Reinstate Various Tax Breaks This Week

    9 Dec, 2014

    As the 113th Congress wraps things up this week, they will vote on the House's government funding bill, which will fund most of the government through next September, and a House bill that will...

    California’s Annual Inflation Index is 1.998% for 2015/2016 Assessments

    8 Dec, 2014

    The California State Board of Equalization has instructed California assessors to apply a 1.998% inflation factor when preparing their 2015/2016 assessment rolls. The 2015/2016 inflation index of...

    Despite Local Aids, Minnesota Property Tax Levies Climb

    5 Dec, 2014

    In 2013, Minnesota legislators increased the local government aid program for cities by $80 million, touting a reduced property tax burden. The commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Revenue,...

    High Amount of Equity Affecting Hotel Deal Dynamics

    4 Dec, 2014

    The flood of equity financing available in the hotel market is driving pricing up, dropping capitalization rates and affecting the availability and types of transactions getting done, according to...

    Phoenix Wants to Turn Vacant Central Avenue Offices into Technology Hub

    3 Dec, 2014

    One of new economic development director Christine Mackay's top priority this year is an "economic rebirth" of Phoenix's midtown area. Her plan is to take areas of central Phoenix that have seen...

    Texas Coalition Formed to Protect Equal and Uniform Taxation

    2 Dec, 2014

    AUSTIN, Texas -- A coalition of leading Texas business organizations is joining forces with the Coalition for Equal and Uniform Taxation to defend the Texas constitution's guarantee of Equal and...

    Atlantic Coast Pipeline Could Generate $25M in Annual Property Taxes

    1 Dec, 2014

    Property taxes paid to counties and municipalities by the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline would exceed $25 million a year, according to the energy companies that want to build it. The pipeline would...