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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Austin City Council Votes Unanimously to Challenge Commercial Property Appraisals

    29 May, 2015

    Yesterday the Austin City Council voted unanimously to file a petition challenging the Travis Central Appraisal District’s valuation of commercial properties. The decision comes after a report that...

    How Could Public Perception of the Santa Barbara Oil Spill Affect Local Tourism?

    28 May, 2015

    By Gordon Mazur, Southern California Area Leader, Los Angeles

    Property Tax Hikes Likely as Declining Gas Prices Cause Major Revenue Loss in Many Kansas Counties

    27 May, 2015

    Property owners in energy producing Kansas counties are either facing property tax hikes or cuts in local government services as gas prices continue to decline, according to the Topeka...

    Los Angeles County Property Owners With Backlogged Tax Bill Appeals May Get Relief

    26 May, 2015

    The Los Angeles Assessment Appeals Board faces a backlog of about 25,000 appeals, but a new county budget proposal may help property owners who have waited up to three years for their tax bills to be...

    Connecticut House Passes Bill Imposing Property Tax on Hospitals, Private Colleges

    22 May, 2015

    In an effort to increase local government revenues in communities with a high number of tax-exempt properties, the Connecticut House passed a bill yesterday that would require hospitals and private...

    Study Finds Austin Commercial Properties Significantly Undervalued

    21 May, 2015

    Last week, the Austin City Council met behind closed doors to discuss a possible challenge to the Travis Central Appraisal District's commercial property values. The city council considered a similar...

    Business Coalition: New York Property Tax Cap Saved $7.6 Billion in School Taxes

    20 May, 2015

    New York's property tax cap isn't set to expire until June 2016, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo, homeowners, and business groups are already pushing to make the cap permanent. Enacted in 2011, the cap limits...

    Tax Alert: Arizona Tax Amnesty 2015

    19 May, 2015

    By Holly I. Unck Esq., Senior Managing Consultant, Phoenix

    Oklahoma Senate Passes Bill Ending Property Tax Exemption Program for New Wind Farms

    18 May, 2015

    Over the past decade, a generous property tax exemption program has helped spur a rapid expansion of wind farms in Oklahoma. The state incentive program exempted local property taxes for five years,...

    Kansas City Approves TIF for Commerce Tower

    15 May, 2015

    This week, the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Commission of Kansas City approved TIF assistance for the $138 million Commerce Tower mix-use redevelopment project. The approval was a major relief for...

    Austin City Council Considering Challenge to Commercial Property Appraisals

    14 May, 2015

    Last June, the Austin City Council was urged by some activists and homeowners to file a petition challenging the value of commercial properties, which would have gone before a Travis Central...

    PA House Approves Property Tax Reform Proposal

    13 May, 2015

    The Pennsylvania House approved a property tax reform proposal yesterday that would would shift $4.2 billion of the school funding burden that property owners now bear to an increased state personal...

    U.S. Hotel Values Near Pre-Recession Peak

    11 May, 2015

    U.S. hotel prices were just one percentage point short of their pre-recession peak in March, according to Moody’s/RCA Commercial Property Price Indices (CPPI) report. According to the National Real...

    California Coalition Wants to Remove Prop 13 Protections from Commercial Properties

    8 May, 2015

    A newly formed coalition of public employee unions and other liberal groups, including many churches, launched a campaign Thursday to put a revision on California's 2016 ballot that would remove...

    N.C. House Advances Historic Property Tax Credit

    7 May, 2015

    The North Carolina House voted to bring back the state's Historic Property Tax Credit program, which aided rehabilitation of designated historic buildings and homes and mill and warehouse buildings...

    Washington Lawmakers Propose Lifting Property Tax Cap

    6 May, 2015

    In an effort to increase funding for schools, roads and government services, two state representatives introduced a bill that would lift Washington's 1 percent cap on local property tax levies....

    Deadline Reminder: NYC Real Property Income and Expense Statement (Penalties for Non-Compliance)

    5 May, 2015

    Important Notice Concerning RPIE Filing Requirements Due June 1, 2015

    Investors Rush to Buy Student Housing Assets

    4 May, 2015

    Investors are pouring money into student housing properties, as new buyers, including high-net worth individuals, private equity fund managers and institutional investors, continue to enter the...

    Denver Multifamily Property Values Increase by 33%

    1 May, 2015

    Property values across the Denver-metro area are seeing large jumps in value, and county assessors are warning taxpayers to expect much higher tax bills. The city is fully recovered from the...