Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Study: Cincinnati Most Affordable U.S. City for Businesses

    31 Mar, 2016

    Cincinnati is the most cost-friendly city to do business among the 31 largest U.S. metro areas (those with populations of 2 million or more), according to the 2016 Competitive Alternatives study by...

    U.S. Commercial Real Estate Sales Plummeted in February

    25 Mar, 2016

    U.S. commercial property sales took a nosedive last month, which may signal the six-year bull market is coming to an end. Just $25.1 billion worth of commercial real estate changed hands in February,...

    Super-Sized Property Taxes? How to Get a Fair Valuation for Your Quick Service Restaurant

    24 Mar, 2016

    The Texas Property Tax Code dictates that no property should be assessed at a value higher than a reasonable number of competing, appropriately adjusted comparable properties. Why should this matter...

    Wake County, NC Approves 4-Year Property Appraisal Cycle

    23 Mar, 2016

    Wake County Commissioners unanimously agreed to four-year property tax reappraisal cycle starting in 2020, in an effort to improve accuracy from the current eight-year cycle.  While the more frequent...

    Real Estate Appeal Deadline Reminder: Maricopa County, Arizona

    22 Mar, 2016

    By Domingos Santos, Managing Consultant, Arizona

    Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Increase Philadelphia's Commercial Real Estate Tax Rate

    21 Mar, 2016

    Last month a bipartisan group of state lawmakers, Mayor Jim Kenney, and local civic and business leaders gathered in Philadelphia's City Hall Friday to announce a legislative plan that would amend...

    The Rise of Multi-Use Properties and What It Means for Your Value

    17 Mar, 2016

    As the convenience of urban living becomes a bigger and bigger trend - so does its counterpart, the multi-use property. New developments bringing together retail, restaurants, apartments, and office...

    Proposed Montgomery County, MD Budget Has Biggest Property Tax Hike in Eight Years

    16 Mar, 2016

    As Montgomery County faces a fast-growing school system and lost revenue from last year’s Supreme Court ruling that Maryland’s income tax system was unconstitutional, a property tax increase has been...

    San Francisco Cracks Down on Landlords Leasing Industrial Space to Office Tenants

    15 Mar, 2016

    The San Francisco Planning Department is increasing its efforts to crack down on landlords who lease industrial buildings zoned for manufacturing, automotive repair, warehousing or the arts to office...

    Washington County, PA Issues First Reassessment Valuation Notices

    14 Mar, 2016

    After concluding its first county-wide reassessment since the late 1970's, Washington County, Pennsylvania has started issuing new valuation notices to property owners. Two separate notices will be...

    Kansas Lawmakers Consider Property Tax Lid Acceleration Measure

    11 Mar, 2016

    Kansas lawmakers are set to battle over a measure that would accelerate the implementation of a property tax lid law passed last year. Under the state law, city and county governments will have to...

    Will the Fed's Decisions on Interest Rates Affect Commercial Real Estate Values?

    10 Mar, 2016

    The interest rates that banks borrow money from the Federal Reserve have been near zero for over 6 years now, and commercial real estate investors have greatly benefited from the low interest rate...

    Minnesota Chamber Wants to Rollback Business Property Taxes

    9 Mar, 2016

    As the Minnesota Legislature decides what to do with the $900 million state budget surplus projected for the remainder of the fiscal biennium through June 2017, a major focus of the Minnesota Chamber...

    New Jersey, Illinois Ranked Worst States for Property Taxes

    8 Mar, 2016

    Once again, New Jersey and Illinois ranked as the two worst states in the country when it comes to property taxes, according to a new survey from personal finance website WalletHub. In order to...

    Is Pittsburgh the Next Tech Hub?

    7 Mar, 2016

    Pittsburgh is beginning to look like the country’s next up and coming tech hub, as Facebook announced in January that it would open a research center for its Oculus virtual-reality division in the...

    Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Ensure Your Property Card is Error-Free

    3 Mar, 2016

    In the Property Tax World, the Central Appraisal Districts are mass appraisers. The larger metro CADs handle hundreds of thousands of properties with numerous data fields. When you consider that the...

    Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Special Property Tax Law

    1 Mar, 2016

    The Kansas Supreme Court recently struck down a state law that gave property owners who successfully challenged the appraised value of their property a two-year moratorium from any increases in tax...