Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Houston Still Leads Texas Office Markets in Sublease Space Volume

    28 Feb, 2017

    The Houston office market has been struggling for several years now thanks in large part to a prolonged slump in oil prices causing companies to shrink their footprints. This lead to a glut...

    Small Towns Offer Revitalization Opportunities for Dying Malls

    24 Feb, 2017

    As many shopping centers continue to suffer nationwide, conventional wisdom says that there is an over-supply of malls and the only way to survive is to cater to wealthy shoppers and/or reinvent the...

    Apartment Rents Rise Fastest in Class-B Submarkets

    21 Feb, 2017

    Apartment rents are growing most quickly in working-class, suburban submarkets that apartment developers have avoided. “With a handful of exceptions, the neighborhoods posting the strongest rent...

    Florida Lawmakers Advance Bill to Extend Solar Energy Property Tax Break to Businesses

    13 Feb, 2017

    A Florida Senate committee has unanimously approved Senate Bill 90, which would implement Amendment 4 and eliminate property taxes on solar and other renewable energy devices installed at commercial...

    Ohio's Oil and Gas Industry Projects Paying $250M in Property Taxes Over 10 years

    10 Feb, 2017

    The oil and gas industry is projected to make a significant increase in property taxes payments to eastern Ohio counties over the next decade, according to two industry groups who are estimating an...

    3 Trends That Will Drive Chicago’s Real Estate Momentum Through 2025

    9 Feb, 2017

    Recent and long-term historic trends indicate Chicago's real estate market could remain healthy for years to come, JLL chief economist Ryan Severino said during JLL's Chicago 2025 event last week....

    Judge Orders Countywide Reassessment for Delaware County, Pennsylvania

    6 Feb, 2017

    The Delaware County Board of Assessment Appeals was court-ordered to conduct a countywide reassessment of all properties in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The order follows a trial with a residential...

    Chicago’s Data Center Market Continues to Boom

    2 Feb, 2017

    Chicago was the third-busiest market for data center activity in 2016, thanks to Microsoft, Oracle and a host of financial firms absorbing large amounts of space across the city, according to the...