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    Country Club Membership Not Up to Par

    21 Apr, 2009

    In this time of economic uncertainty most private country clubs are struggling for members. Even before the recession clubs were feeling some pain, now it’s more like vice grip. In the article “Country Club Memberships Not Up to Par” in The Times Herald, it talks about how few clubs want to acknowledge anything more than being concerned about the industry and the economy while no one is admitting they are actually in trouble.

    The article talks about membership numbers having dipped to alarming rates at several clubs in the town of Norristown, PA, a fact that is true at country clubs all across the United States. Many of these clubs are falling into debt and memberships are feeling the pinch, seeing base dues payment increased substantially to cover operating losses.

    Other country clubs have had to halt expansions and more realistically alter long-term goals in order to stay on track financially, while there are still the prized few who seem recession proof and continue on successfully. The article compares country club memberships these days to buying a car. Some remain out of the price range while others are willing to throw multiple free amenities to simply get a new customer. The right kind of member is simply the one who can pay.

    Some will thrive in this economy while others will struggle to keep doors open. The current state of the public’s monetary situation has a firm grip on the future of country clubs across the nation.

    Read the full article from The Times Herald here.

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