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    D.C. Moves to Replace Outdated Tax Processing System

    6 Jun, 2014

    The District's 14-year-old tax processing system has been a source of frustration for quite some time now. Critics of the maligned, outdated tax processing system complain of lax monitoring, unauthorized changes to critical data and programs, big risks and weaknesses. Last year, the D.C. Inspector General reviewed the system and found the tax office was at risk of “unnecessary or wasteful” spending, “insufficient application support,” and “unauthorized changes to critical data and programs.” Finally, D.C. is making moves to replace the system.

    According to the Washington Business Journal, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer has awarded a $37.4 million, five-year contract to Greenwood, Colorado-based Fast Enterprises LLC to develop a Modern Integrated Tax System, what will be a set of one or more commercial, off-the-shelf products to support most D.C. tax functions and process most tax bills and payments — not including real estate. The contract is currently before the D.C. Council for approval. The MITS will replace the Integrated Tax System developed by Accenture Ltd. ITS, which was implemented in phases at a cost of roughly $135 million. The modern system must include comprehensive functionality for all tax types, business intelligence and leads management functions, a flexible, rapidly configurable application environment, electronic data capture capabilities and a “robust and trusted security layer that enables users to perform their functions while restricting access to unauthorized personnel.”

    For the full article from the Washington Business Journal, click here.

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