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    LA County Assessor Arrested after Yearlong Corruption Probe

    18 Oct, 2012

    As a conclusion to a yearlong investigation into influence peddling and dramatic reduction of property taxes for political allies, Los Angeles County, California assessor John Noguez was arrested Wednesday. According to The Washington Post, Noguez was arrested along with his chief appraiser Mark McNeil and Arizona tax consultant Ramin Salari after being accused of conspiring to slash property values and save millions of dollars in property taxes for clients of Salari, a campaign contributor to Noguez.

    Investigators have been looking into over 100 cases of improper tax breaks among wealthy property owners since Noguez's election. Employees in the Assessor's office complained they were pressured to lower property taxes for clients of prominent campaign contributors. If convicted, Noguez could face just over 30 years in state prison, Salari could face just over 29 years and McNeil could face just over 20 years.

    To read the full article from The Washington Post, click here.

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