Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Plenty of Loan Options for CRE Borrowers

    21 Oct, 2014

    The latest report from the Mortgage Bankers Association shows that there is a lot of mortgage debt available to commercial real estate investors, and lenders are plentiful. According to the National...

    Commercial Real Estate Lenders Meeting, or Surpassing, 2013 Goals

    2 Dec, 2013

    As we approach the end of 2013, commercial real estate lenders are eager to find out whether they have reached or exceeded their goals in providing funding for real estate transactions. According to...

    Commercial Real Estate Investors Moving to Secondary Markets

    12 Nov, 2013

    Commercial real estate investors seeking higher returns are turning to smaller markets and buying suburban properties. According to Bloomberg, demand for office buildings, retail centers and...

    High Demand for Commercial Real Estate Loans

    11 Nov, 2013

    The commercial real estate market is on the rise this year, especially for office properties. As the demand for mortgage loans has increased, banks have also lowered lending standards. The Federal...

    Climbing Interest Rates Could Bring a Halt to Rising Property Values

    26 Jun, 2013

    The rise in interest rates over the past several weeks is threatening to halt the four year gains in commercial real estate values. According to The Wall Street Journal, until recently, the low-rate...

    Commercial Mortgage Debt Outstanding Increases Again

    12 Dec, 2012

    Commercial and multi-family mortgage debt outstanding increased in the third quarter of 2012 by $6.6 billion, or roughly 0.3%. According to RealEstateRama, for the fourth quarter in a row, the net...

    Commercial-Mortgage Market Improving

    3 Dec, 2012

    Over the course of 2012, the commercial mortgage market has improved greatly as deals once thought impossible to refinance are actually being pushed through. According to The Wall Street Journal,...

    Commercial Property Sales and CMBS Outlook for the U.S. Cut

    27 Sep, 2012

    The forecast for U.S. commercial real estate sales has been cut by 12% to $748 billion through 2014 by the Urban Land Institute due to economic growth projections being down considerably. According...

    Commercial Mortgage Delinquency Rates Fall

    4 Sep, 2012

    In the Q2 2012 Bank CRE Default and Lending Report released by Chandan Economics, recent data is pointing to continued improvements in the commercial real estate market. According to the report, the...

    CMBS Delinquencies Reach All-Time High

    30 Jul, 2012

    The CMBS delinquency rate hit an all-time high of 10.36% during the month of July, marking the fifth straight month it has increased. According to the New Mexico Business Weekly, the increasing...