Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Cost Segregation - Engineering Increased Cash Flow for the Hospitality Industry

    23 Sep, 2014

    By Sharif Mitchell, Mid-Atlantic Area Leader / Principal, Paradigm Tax Group, NYC

    Repair Regulations Provide Tax Benefits for Hotel Owners

    19 Dec, 2013

    Back in late 2011, the Internal Revenue Service issued temporary and proposed Tangible Property Regulations, also referred to as “repair regulations.” These changes are especially important to those...

    Appreciating Depreciation in Commercial Properties

    24 Jan, 2012

    It is becomes increasingly difficult for commercial property owners to find funding to make necessary improvements in order to retain or enhance their property's value. However, according to...

    Maximize Your Tax Benefits with Transaction Price Segregation

    23 Jun, 2011

    For non-REIT hospitality investors, a Transaction Price Segregation (TPS) performed for the closing of your deal provides you with maximum tax benefits in the form of: