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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Renewed Calls to Abolish Idaho's Business Equipment Tax

    15 Dec, 2014

    Idaho Governor, Butch Otter, along with other local business leaders, is once again calling for the state's personal property tax to be abolished. According to NPG of Idaho, the tax - often referred...

    Bill Would Curb Idaho's Business Personal Property Tax

    11 Mar, 2014

    The House Revenue and Taxation Committee has voted to introduce a bill that is intended to be the next step in phasing out all personal property taxes on business. Last year, the Legislature started...

    Idaho House and Senate Pass Personal Property Tax Repeal

    21 Mar, 2013

    The Idaho House has passed a bill that would exempt 90% of Idaho businesses from personal property taxes. According to, the passage came after a short debate, with most lawmakers...

    Competing Personal Property Tax Repeal Measures in Idaho

    7 Mar, 2013

    The Idaho House is set to introduce two competing bills, one backed by counties, one by industry, which will cut the state's business personal property tax. According to, Rep. Gary...

    Idaho Property Tax for Businesses Disliked, but Productive

    20 Dec, 2012

    The elimination of Idaho's personal property tax on businesses could turn out to be more costly than originally thought. According to the Idaho Statesman, business groups and many politicians are...

    Idaho's Personal Property Tax Targeted

    19 Oct, 2012

    Predictions from the Senate claim that the 2013 Legislature will repeal Idaho's business personal property tax. According to the Idaho Statesman, the repeal will require the state to replace revenue...

    Personal Property Tax Repeal in Idaho will be an Issue for 2013

    22 Aug, 2012

    The repeal of business personal property taxes in Idaho has its best chance of getting through the Legislature in 2013. According to, the business personal property tax has been a...