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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Kansas Lawmakers to Vote on Property Tax Lid Acceleration Legislation Compromise

    29 Apr, 2016

    Kansas House and Senate negotiators moved toward compromise Thursday, outlining exemptions on legislation that would advance the implementation of the property tax lid law passed last year. Gov. Sam...

    Kansas Lawmakers Consider Property Tax Lid Acceleration Measure

    11 Mar, 2016

    Kansas lawmakers are set to battle over a measure that would accelerate the implementation of a property tax lid law passed last year. Under the state law, city and county governments will have to...

    Kansas Supreme Court Strikes Down Special Property Tax Law

    1 Mar, 2016

    The Kansas Supreme Court recently struck down a state law that gave property owners who successfully challenged the appraised value of their property a two-year moratorium from any increases in tax...

    Kansas Lawmaker Proposes Package of Bills to Increase Property Tax Revenue for Higher Education

    8 Feb, 2016

    A Kansas house committee will introduce a three-bill package on Wednesday intended to “increase and stabilize resources public higher education institutions draw from for development of academic...

    Many Kansas Counties Forced to Increase Property Taxes to Offset Oil, Gas Industry Downturn

    27 Oct, 2015

    Many oil- and natural gas-producing counties in western Kansas are starting to suffer from the energy industry downturn, facing major local tax revenue declines just as the state is ending an aid...

    Kansas Lawmakers Pass Conflicting Versions of Property Tax Lid Law

    24 Jun, 2015

    After concluding this year's 113-day legislative session, the longest in Kansas history, it turns out legislators aren't quite off the hook yet. Lawmakers inadvertently passed two conflicting...

    Property Tax Hikes Likely as Declining Gas Prices Cause Major Revenue Loss in Many Kansas Counties

    27 May, 2015

    Property owners in energy producing Kansas counties are either facing property tax hikes or cuts in local government services as gas prices continue to decline, according to the Topeka...

    Bill Would End Property Tax Exemptions for Pipelines in Kansas

    3 Apr, 2015

    In an effort to fill the state's projected $600 million budget shortfall for the next fiscal year, a Kansas Senate committee advanced a bill that would eliminate the automatic 10-year property tax...

    2014 Kansas Legislative Changes Benefit Taxpayers

    30 Oct, 2014

    By Jeff Pence, Senior Managing Consultant, Kansas City & JP Rand, Senior Managing Consultant / Principal, Kansas City

    New Way to Appeal Property Valuations in Kansas

    17 Jun, 2014

    Senate Bill 231, effective July 1, will give commercial property owners in Kansas a new way to appeal their property values. According to Wichita Business Journal, SB 231, signed into law by Gov. Sam...