Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    New Jersey Taxing Jurisdictions Engaging in "Reverse Assessment Appeals"

    3 Apr, 2018

    In many areas across the country, such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, it has become a common, albeit controversial, practice for taxing jurisdictions to file "reverse tax appeals" against commercial...

    Toys R Us Closures: An Update on the Demise of Major Retail Chains and its Impact on Tax Assessment Rolls Nationwide

    20 Mar, 2018

    By Jerry Heaton, Senior Managing Consultant, Dallas

    March 2018 Update: The battle between Amazon and bricks-and-mortar retail wages on with Toys R Us abruptly announcing plans to close or...

    How to Use ‘Equal and Uniform’ to Reduce Multi-Family Property Values in Texas

    14 Mar, 2018

    By James Sutton, Regional Director - Central South, Dallas& Bill O’Quinn, Senior Managing Consultant, Dallas

    To say the multi-family market in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is performing...

    Managing a Decade of Increasing Property Taxes in the Dallas-Fort Worth Industrial Market

    6 Mar, 2018

    By Carlos Villatoro, Senior Managing Consultant, Dallas

    A prominent national industrial REIT client recently asked for a historical summary of property taxes for a distribution warehouse they were...

    Mixed-Use Properties Create Valuation Challenges for Texas Appraisal Districts

    21 Feb, 2018

    By Alex Pace, Managing Consultant, Dallas

    Mixed-use properties continue to gain popularity in response to the growing desire for the convenience and walkability of urban living. Savvy real estate...

    Stay Committed: How to get the most out of your Texas property tax appeal

    13 Feb, 2018

    By Carlos Villatoro, Senior Managing Consultant, Dallas

    It is no secret that significant commercial real estate investments continue to pour into the great state of Texas. However, if an owner...

    Navigating Property Taxes for Student Housing

    18 Dec, 2017

    Property tax professionals lend their expertise on tackling student housing property taxes.

    By Amy Bigley Works | Student Housing Business

    Managing property taxes and ensuring the best valuation...

    Four Tips for Keeping Property Taxes from Impacting Your Hotel's Bottom Line

    14 Dec, 2017

    by Jessica Vachiratevanurak, Managing Consultant, Miami | Today's Hotelier

    For hoteliers, property tax expense is often a substantial fixed expense. As a result, understanding how property taxes...

    CRE Has Been In Ninth Inning For Two Years

    29 Nov, 2017

    Many are predicting a leveling out of the commercial real estate market in the coming year. Texas Market Leader James Sutton discussed 2018 commercial real estate trends and the...

    4 Tips to Keep Property Taxes from Hurting Your Bottom Line

    25 Oct, 2017

    Property taxes can be one of the biggest line item costs for restaurant owners, but they don’t have to be. There are strategies they can use and information they can gather to help manage, and...