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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Tax Alert: Arizona Tax Amnesty 2015

    19 May, 2015

    By Holly I. Unck Esq., Senior Managing Consultant, Phoenix

    Missouri, North Dakota Create Sales and Use Tax Exemptions for Data Storage Centers

    30 Apr, 2015

    In April, both Missouri (Senate Bill 149) and North Dakota (House Bill 1089) enacted legislation creating sales and use tax exemptions for new and expanding data storage centers. According to CPA...

    Hotel Buyers: Don’t Forget to Obtain a Tax Clearance

    24 Feb, 2015

    By Holly I. Unck Esq., Senior Managing Consultant, Phoenix

    Nevada Lawmakers Consider Tax Breaks for Aviation Industry, Data Centers

    20 Feb, 2015

    In an effort to make Nevada more competitive with neighboring states, Senate and Assembly members held a joint committee hearing on SB93 and AB161, which would expand tax abatements to the aviation...

    Is Tax Appeal Reform Coming to Washington?

    2 Feb, 2015

    In an effort to create a more open and fair process for Washington taxpayers disputing tax assessments, Sen. John Braun introduced Senate Bill 5449, which would establish an independent tax appeal...

    'Tax Cut Fever' Cools in Texas Due to Falling Oil Prices

    5 Jan, 2015

    As Texas legislators begin their session next week, they will discuss what to do with the overflowing state coffers, which has as much as $9 billion to $12 billion extra, according to conservative...

    Study: Cutting Income and Property Tax, Broadening Sales Tax Would Boost Wisconsin Economy

    30 Sep, 2014

    Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Policy Research Institute (WPRI) recently released a study that found Wisconsin could boost its economy without bankrupting state government by cutting income and property...

    Colorado Legislature Passes 11 Business Tax-Credit Bills

    9 May, 2014

    The Colorado Legislature approved 11 bills in 2014 that would grant tax credits or incentives of various sorts to businesses, despite the Capitol avoiding any kind of "tax breaks" for many years. The...

    Colorado Considering Tax Breaks for Aerospace Properties

    18 Feb, 2014

    As the national aerospace industry gets more and more competitive, Colorado lawmakers are considering tax breaks to keep up with other states. In an effort to help aerospace companies stay and grow...

    State Aid Cuts Will Skyrocket Property Taxes in Maine

    24 Jan, 2014

    Due to more reductions in state aid to Maine cities and towns, municipal officials warn that it will result in skyrocketing property taxes and cuts to essential services. According to Bloomberg...