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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

Stay informed with the most current Industry News that affects your business and impacts property taxes across the nation.

    Brace yourself: Property tax increases are coming for self-storage

    16 Aug, 2017


    Self-storage is starting to become a victim of its own success. Operators are reeling from a double punch—rising tax rates across many jurisdictions...

    NREI: Six Property Types Strong Enough to Thrive in a Recession

    15 Nov, 2016

    For some time now, the industry has been mulling when the commercial real estate cycle’s historically-long recovery will end and an economic downturn will begin.  By the end of 2018, the economic...

    Business is Booming for Self-Storage Industry

    15 Oct, 2015

    It's a good time to be in the self-storage industry, as rents continue to rise, units are almost completely occupied, and competition is low due to limited new construction. One factor that benefits...

    Investors in Bidding War for Self-Storage Properties

    17 Jun, 2015

    A new bidding war is breaking out in the self-storage industry, as REITS and other investors are attracted to the sector's stable returns. A 97,000-square-foot self-storage facility in Orlando, Fla.,...

    NREI: As Self-Storage Cash Flows Rise, Competition for Assets Compresses Rates

    2 Sep, 2014

    As the multifamily sector has skyrocketed from the recession, the niche self-storage industry is attracting all types of new investors looking for safe returns. According to the National Real Estate...