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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Senior Housing Occupancy Hits 8 Year Low

    2 Aug, 2018
    As new supply continues to outpace demand, t he occupancy rate  for seniors housing across the United States continued to decline in the second quarter of the 2018.  According to the National...

    Five Top Markets for Seniors Housing Investment

    12 Mar, 2018
    Seniors housing continues to be in high demand, especially the  independent and assisted living subsets, due to the rapidly aging population.  Unfortunately, the influx of supply has caused...

    Despite Investor Jitters, Senior Housing Continues to Outperform Other Asset Classes

    28 Nov, 2016

    While senior housing continues to post strong returns and outperform other asset classes, the sector still couldn’t shake a few investor jitters. Senior housing posted total returns at 16.1 percent,...

    NIC: Seniors Housing Occupancy, New Construction Sag Slightly in Second Quarter

    7 Jul, 2016

    The average occupancy rate for independent living and assisted living properties in the second quarter of 2016 dropped to 89.7 percent, as new inventory outpaced absorption of units, according to a...

    Seniors Housing Market at Risk of Overbuilding

    16 May, 2016

    Steady returns brought to investors by seniors housing in recent years sparked a lot of new supply, however, some markets are now at risk of oversaturation by the fourth quarter of this year as...

    Seniors Housing Pricing Stir Bubble Concerns

    17 Sep, 2015

    Relatively high investment returns and generally improving market fundamentals has driven investor interest in the seniors housing sector. Transaction volumes are at record high levels, pricing is...

    The Little-Known Benefits of Appealing Seniors Housing Assets

    14 Oct, 2014

    By Le Anne Thomas, Managing Consultant, Los Angeles

    Using ‘Equal &Uniform’ for Value Reductions in Texas

    14 Apr, 2014

    By James Sutton, Managing Consultant, Dallas & Bill O’Quinn, Senior Managing Consultant, Dallas

    St. Louis County to Re-examine All Property Tax Exemptions

    6 Dec, 2013

    The County Board of Equalization in St. Louis, Missouri has authorized St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman to re-examine all tax-exempt properties across the county. Whether Zimmerman, or any...

    Demographic Trends Lead Investor Interest to Alternative Assets

    4 Apr, 2013

    Due to lack of confidence in the future performance of traditional commercial real estate property types, many investors are beginning to set aside capital for alternative assets. According to the...