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Paradigm Tax Group Industry News

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    Navigating Property Taxes for Student Housing

    18 Dec, 2017

    Property tax professionals lend their expertise on tackling student housing property taxes.

    By Amy Bigley Works | Student Housing Business

    Managing property taxes and ensuring the best valuation...

    Student Housing Sales Outperform the Rest of the Market

    19 May, 2017

    Many commercial real estate investors have been sitting on the sidelines so far this year due to high prices, a lack of properties on the market, and uncertainty surrounding interest rates and...

    Amenity Trends Shift as Proximity to Campus Drives Student Housing Performance

    28 Mar, 2017

    Student housing communities have been engaged in an amenities war for quite some time now; but as close proximity to campus becomes the strongest performance driver, developers need to be much...

    Student Housing Sector to See Surge in Demand

    22 Aug, 2016

    As the early results of the student housing fall leasing season roll in, the sector will continue to attract new investors and the bidding for properties will likely intensify. Occupancy rates are on...

    Student Housing REITs Are Earning Top Grades

    3 Aug, 2016

    While college students might not seem like the ideal tenant for landlords, the share prices of the two student-housing REITs are soaring. Shares in Education Realty Trust, a Memphis-based landlord...

    Off Campus Hotels Have Untapped Potential to Accommodate Overflow of Students

    14 Sep, 2015

    As college enrollments soar around the globe, more students are forced to look for accommodation outside of dorms or typical off-campus housing. Hotels have untapped potential to accommodate the...

    Evolving Trends in the Student Housing Sector

    2 Sep, 2015

    As investor interest grows in the student housing sector, several industry leaders discussed the biggest trends over the last five years and those emerging today with the National Real Estate...

    Connecticut House Passes Bill Imposing Property Tax on Hospitals, Private Colleges

    22 May, 2015

    In an effort to increase local government revenues in communities with a high number of tax-exempt properties, the Connecticut House passed a bill yesterday that would require hospitals and private...

    Investors Rush to Buy Student Housing Assets

    4 May, 2015

    Investors are pouring money into student housing properties, as new buyers, including high-net worth individuals, private equity fund managers and institutional investors, continue to enter the...

    Houston Developers Continue to Stall Multifamily Projects Amid Low Oil Prices

    1 Apr, 2015

    As oil prices plummeted to near six-year lows over the past several months, some multifamily developers are stalling their proposed projects and development plans in Houston and shifting their focus...